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Art. 1: Registrations 
Registrations for courses and internships are made:  

  •   At the reception: (12 avenue de la côte d'argent – 40200 Mimizan-plage).  

  • By e-mail:

  •   By phone: 06 82 10 53 57  

Whatever the method of reservation chosen, a deposit must be paid (on site or by post). Otherwise, we reserve the right to assign the student's place to someone else. 
Your registration commits you to be present ¼ hour before the start of your course and pay your courses on time. 
Art. 2: Cancellation of lessons 
Group lessons can only take place if there is a minimum of 3 trainees. Below, the lesson is considered as a private lesson with a different price. 
In case of bad weather conditions (lack of waves, too rough sea, storm or pollution) the lessons that cannot be done as part of the subscribed package will be:  


  •   Postponed to later today or a later date.  

  • Reimbursed in case of impossible postponement due to the structure.

  •   Reimbursed in the form of vouchers in the event of postponement impossible due to the customer.  

Lessons not taken by the customer will not be refunded. It will be possible to postpone only one lesson in case of impediment or withdrawal; beyond that they will not be postponed or refunded.   A course started and interrupted cannot be refunded. Any withdrawal less than 12 hours before the course is due in full unless you present valid proof (eg medical certificate...) 

Art. 3: Responsibility for the structure 
Trainees will be taken care of by the monitor(s) from the start of their lessons. They will again be under the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians at the end of their course.  
Before leaving their children at the surf school, parents must ensure that the planned service takes place. The civil liability of the school concerning its trainees ceases outside of class hours.   The surf school declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of objects on the premises. 
Art. 4: Insurance 
The surf school certifies that it has taken out civil liability insurance covering the risks related to its activity with AXA Assurance. All persons registered at the surf school will be covered during class hours by its professional insurance in the event that the responsibility of the educator is questioned.   If the instructor's responsibility is not in question, no personal accident is foreseen. All these terms are described in the contract made available by the structure. 

  The school is in no way responsible for any moral prejudice or accidental or voluntary damage caused by third parties during its activities. Our commitment is limited to the services offered.  
The surf school draws the member's attention to his interest in subscribing with the insurer of his choice, a supplementary personal insurance contract covering the bodily injury to which the practice of sport may expose him and whose guarantees would be higher than those of the AXA contract. 
Art. 5: Commitment of the structure 
As part of the chosen package, the surf school undertakes to respect standards in terms of quality of reception, teaching, supervision and safety. 
The school disclaims all liability in the event of non-compliance with the instructor's safety instructions. 
The necessary equipment (wetsuit, boards, etc.) will be provided to members during class hours. 
Art. 6: Commitment of members 
The member ensures that he meets the following requirements for the practice of water sports, namely:be able to swim 25m and put your head under water. 
By enrolling in the surf school, underage surfers and their parents accept the risks associated with surfing under normal conditions.  Taking any medical treatment or health problem must be described to the instructor before registration. 
Participants are responsible for the equipment entrusted to them.(boards, paddles, paddles, wetsuits, leashes, lycras, etc.) during lesson and rental hours.   In the event of loss, theft or damage, the equipment will, depending on the case, be repaired at the expense of the trainee or reimbursed on the purchase value. Ditto for the furniture and equipment of the premises made available to you. 
The customer agrees to bring his clean board (without sand) to the school and rinse wetsuits and lycras in the disinfectant tray provided for this purpose. Also he will not enter the room without first removing his suit outside. 
Art. 7: Equipment rental  
The customer undertakes to leave us a valid identity document (identity card, passport or driving licence) which we undertake to store until the return of the equipment. The equipment must be returned clean and on time depending on the service chosen (except in special cases).  
Art. 8: Image rights  
Any registration for one of our activities authorizes the surf school to use films and photos of your image, or the image of your children, for advertising purposes, without time limit and without financial compensation.

(If you refuse, please report it before class, we will respect your choice) 
Art. 9: Security within the structure  
It is forbidden in our premises: to run, to smoke, to touch electrical appliances without being dry. Please also do not impose your nudity on other users of the changing rooms.

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