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One of your goals in surfing is to becomeautonomous

Outside of class you can put into practice what you have learned in order toprogress faster.


Whatever your level, we have a board that will allow you to progress ormake you happy. (subject to availability)


We will advise you on theboard choiceduring the rental and will give you some safety instructions if necessary.

We try to advise you as well as possible on thechoice of spotand thebest timeat the launch because we have the advantage of beingfacing the ocean.

(This also gives us the right not to rent you a board if WE deem that the conditions present too great a risk for the practitioner or our equipment. )

We can keep your things atchanging roomwhile surfing.

You canswap boards for freewhich allows you to try several types of boards.


Renting a surfboard is not like renting a sled in the mountains. He isstrongly advised against renting equipment if you have not taken surf lessons in a school or club. Whether for your safety or for your progressit is necessary to take at least one lesson before embarking on the great adventure of surfing.






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