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Surf lessons for all levels from 8 years old , alone, with family or friends.


In those 1h30 lessons  are lended the boards and the wetsuits according to your needs . For more safety we use only foam boards for the group lessons. 


We want you to have fun and progress that's why we try to chose the best moment of the day according to your level.

We spend the lessons in French and English only ( sometimes in spanish ) . If your child doesn't speak any of this please understand that you will have to translate him all the things we'll say during the lesson. Then if you don't, it can be not so fun for him or even dangerous if he didn't understand safety rules . 

la garluche mimizan école de surf surf school

Group Lessons

( 3 to 8 people )

1 lesson

1h30, price for 1 person

30 €

3 lessons stage

1h30 x 3, price for 1 person

85 €

5 lessons stage

5 x 1h30 ,price for 1 person

120 €

10 lessons stage

10 x 1h30 price for 1 person

220 €

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surf à Mimizan école de surf la garluche

Particular lessons

( 3 people max. )

école de surf mimizan la garluche

1 leçon

1h30 , prix par personne

65 €

Forfait 3 séances

3 x 1h30 , prix par personne

155 €

Forfait 5 séances

5 x 1h30 , prix par personne

245 €

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